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As one of the most important travel destinations in China, Xian hasthere are a lot to see in Xian! Serving as the capital city of China for thousands years, Xian has wonderful historical and cultural value for travellers worldwide!

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If you'd like to visit Xian without booking with travel agencies, but still need local guides, transportations, etc., you may contact us. Being a team of liscened tour guides, we can provide you various private Xian tours, assist you to have more time to meet local people and try local food, showing you the true beauty of Xian.

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Local Tour Guides in Xian

Xian Tour Guide


Featured Xian Tour Guides

Wonder who will be with you on your tour? Here are some of our qualified tour guides. Having the most comfortable and flexible tours with us, you will have unforgettable experiences in Xian!

Accommodation in Xian

  Xian Hotels & Hostels
Find information about accommodation in Xian. Xian offers a range of accommodation choices for you. Several famous hotel chains have properties in Xian. Among them, you can choose Hyatt Regency, Sheraton, Shangri-la, Howard Johnson, Sofitel and affordable youth hostels.

Xian Tourist Attractions

  Tourist Attractions in Xian
So you've just arrived! Look around Xian's most famous sights! Having fun exploring Xian's monuments, including the 8th wonder of the world - Terracotta Warriors Museum, Wild Goose Pagoda, Ming City Wall and more.

Pictures of Xian City

  Photos of Xian City
Here are some photos of the Xian city, its people and life.

Getting to/around Xian

  Getting to Xian & Getting around Xian
Find out information about transportation in Xian. Find out how to get into the city and get around.