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How to Detect Fake Chinese Money

Counterfeit money in China is a problem. Fake money for one Yuan coins to 100 Yuan bills were found in circulation in China. Many Chinese people even have a problem in detecting fake money. Foreigners are easier victims. But here I am going to teach you how to detect fake Chines money, simply and easily so that you don't even need a counterfeit money detector!

Chinese Currency: Rinminbi (The people's money), short as RMB. The symbol for Chinese currency is Symbol for Chinese money. Chinese currency includes bills and coins.

Pictures of Chinese Money

Picture of Chinese bills (1999 series and 2005 series with main anti-counterfeit money features. Click the picture to enlarge.)

Pictures of Chinese money 1999 Vs 2005

Picture of Chinese coins

More pictures of Chinese money

Compare Chinese money: The paper banknotes below are used real and fake 100 bills and 50 bills. 100 Yuan bill and 50 Yuan bill on the left are real, while the ones on right are counterfeit. Can you see the difference? Click on the image to view larger image.

Main Features of Chinese Money: (Only for 100 Yuan bill, 50 Yuan bill, 20 Yuan bill, 10 Yuan bill since there are few fake money for bills and coins smaller than 5 Yuan bill.)

Easy way to detect fake Chinese money (We use 100 and 50 Yuan bills as examples since most fake banknotes are 100 and 50 Yuan bills. The follow tips can be applied to other banknotes also.)

  • The most effective way to detect a fake Chinese money is the watermark. Hold the bill up against light, a watermark of Chairman Mao is shown. The watermark on a real 100 Yuan banknote is distinct while the watermark on a fake one is rather obscure. Look at watermarks in the blue boxes which I draw in the follow pictures and compare.

    Watermark on a real 100 Yuan banknote (In the blue box and click the enlarge)

    Watermark on a fake 100 Yuan bill (In the blue box and click the enlarge)
  • The second way to detect a fake Chinese banknote is to scratch the hair of Chairman Mao. You can feel the hair on a real banknote. But on a fake banknote, the hair can not be felt.

  • Another way to detect a fake bill is to see if there is 100, 50, 20 or 10 in the blue circle area when watching in the way shown in the picture. You have to pivot the banknote horizontally and slowly.