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General Info:

Train tickets are suggested to be purchased at the origin city where the train departs, which correspondingly is a easier way to get a confirmed seat or a berth no. , otherwise, you will probably stand for the whole trip though you have a ticket.

The train tickets can be purchased at the train station or some certain banks such as ICBC (Industrial and Commercial Bank of China), as well as some ticket-windows around colleges. Usually the train station sells tickets 3 days in advance and other windows sells 5 days in advance.

If you do not speak Chinese, it will be difficult to purchase tickets by yourselves so buy tickets from the local China Travel Services or ask your hotel business center to make the arrangement is a better option though with an additional service fee charged. To guarantee the availability, it is best to make train reservations at least two days in advance. If during the Chinese Holidays, like Spring Festival (usually late January or early February), Labor Day (May 01 - 07) and National Day (October 01 - 07).

Usually train numbers start with Z, T, K and N are express trains equipped with air-conditioning system. Zs are so far the best trains in China, which are direct trains and usually have only soft sleepers. Ts are express trains usually equipped with sleepers and have only very few stops on the way. Ks, similar like Ts but have a few seats equipped and more stops. Ns have more seats. Train numbers without letters are not as good as those express trains; usually the seat carriages do not have air-conditioners. Almost all types of train cars have hard seats, hard sleepers and soft seats no matter whether the trains have air conditioners or not. Soft seats are not widely available.

Trains are always crowded throughout a year, so arrive at the station two hours before departure.

Hereunder is the train info to Xian from some orgine cities in China. The info is for your reference only. We do not have tickets-booking service so far and suggest you contact train station or ticket-offices for details.
Station of the Origin City Train No. Dep./ Arr. Hard Seat Fee Hard Sleeper Fee Soft Sleeper Fee
Beijing Xi T55 16:50/ 06:12+ 150 274 417
Beijing Xi T231 17:33/ 06:40+ 150 274 417
Beijing Xi T41 18:27/ 06:50+ 150 274 417
Beijing Xi Z19 20:28/ 07:28+ / / 417
Shanghai T138/T139 16:19/ 09:03+ 182 333 511
Tianjin K213 09:41/ 07:42+ 165 301 458
Guangzhou K82/K83 17:00/ 19:38+ 238 430 658
Yichang N362/N363 17:10/ 09:14+ 74 150 233
Kaifeng N351 10:10/ 18:49 82 155 232
Chengdu 2120 14:25/ 08:11+ 55 122 193
Chengdu K6 19:42/ 12:06+ 113 209 316
Wuchang N358/N359 16:05/ 07:15+ 137 249 379
Kunming K166 18:22/ 05:40++ 219 399 613
Changchun K125/K128 08:07/ 14:07+ 253 458 705
Yangzhou K59/K62 17:08/ 14:18+ 179 327 499
Nanning K316/K317 10:49/ 21:13+ 257 467 720
Lanzhou K120 20:40/ 06:14+ 94 175 264
Xiamen K214/K244 15:23/ 05:56++ 253 458 705
Xian Railway Station and Square
Xian Railway Station and Square
Soft Seat Waiting Room in the Railway Station
Soft Seat Waiting Room in the Railway Station

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