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Local Xian Tour Guide - Lily

Dear friends,

I am Lily, a licensed tour guide in Xi'an, a beautiful city that is known to the world for its boasting many places of historical interests and gorgeous scenic spots. My full name is Sun Li in Chinese. I am 29 this year and I have worked as a English tour guide for six years since I graduated from college. I believe I am one of the most professional tour guide in the city because I've traveled a lot in the past six years and I've got various information about different places and the distinct cultures of local people in different areas in China, and I've fed in a great diversity of their real lives. In my opinion, a guide in some sense, is not only a interpreter, but also a cross-culture communicator who should know the travelers' background culture as well as the indigenous culture, then try to find something in common between the two and interpret this to the travelers in their language. That is really amazing.

So if you want to know a real China, a real Xi'an and the real life of local people, come here. I would like to show you around with basic transportation then. I would like to show you the combination of an old and modern city. I would like to show you the daily life of local people and their diversified foods. If you just regard yourself as a 'tourist', I'd prefer to recommend you to join in a package tour and follow the beaten track then.