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Traveling with travel agencies is always the first choice when one plans to go to visit foreign countries. It is the same if you are coming to China to experience different cultures, scenes, and people's life. We search through the web and list some Xian travel agencies for you. Please select carefully if you will use one of them for your Xian tour.

Travel Agencies

  Xian CITS, short name for Xian China International Travel Service Co., Ltd, is always believed to the oldest travel agency in Xian. It is established in 1956 and has been served nearly 3,600,000 visitors since 1978. It arranges Xian private tours and privated tours, which are listed at this page:

  China Connection Tours is the online platform of China Comfort Travel Xian, which has over twenty-years of experience in tour booking and operating and is the Chinese Strategic Partner of Rosenbluth International in United States.

  China In-depth Travel (CIT) is a brand name of Xian Everbright International Travel Service LTD, which has been in operation since 1987 (License Number L-SNX-GJ00021). There Xian tours can be reached at:

More Licensed travel agencies in Xian:

Shaanxi Overseas Tourist Co., LTD. License No. L-SNX-GJ00001. Tel: 86 29 85261425

Xian Overseas Tourist Co., LTD. License No. L-SNX-GJ00002. Tel: 86 29 85259759

Shaanxi China Travel Service Co., LTD. License No. L-SNX-GJ00004. Tel: 86 29 86699888

Shaanxi CYTS Int. Tours Co., LTD. License No. L-SNX-GJ00006. Tel: 86 29 85256415

China Merchants Int'l Travel Xi'an Co.,LTD License No. L-SNX-GJ00007. Tel: 86 29 85229114

Xian China Travel Service Co., LTD. License No. L-SNX-GJ00008. Tel: 86 29 85269464

Xi'an Golden Bridge International Travel Service. License No. L-SNX-GJ00019. Tel: 86 29 87616633

Xi'an Tianma Int'l Travel Service. License No. L-SNX-GJ00022. Tel: 86 29 62869805

Xi'an China Railexpress Int.Travel Co., LTD. License No. L-SNX-GJ00025. 87422969

China Travel International (Xi'an) Limited. License No. L-SNX-GJ00026. Tel: 86 29 88407815

Xi'an CITIC Travel Co., LTD. License No. L-SNX-GJ00029. Tel: 86 29 85222660

Shaanxi Sun International Travel Service Co., LTD. License No. L-SNX-GJ00031. Tel: 86 29 88372382