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Banpo Museum

Banpo Museum also called Banpo Remains lies in Banpo village, 6 kilometers east of Xian City. With a history of 6000 years, it is the largest also the best-preserved remains of the villages of the matriarchal clan society along the Yellow River basin.

The remains are mainly divided into three areas: residence area, pottery-making area and tomb area. Now the museum has three exhibition rooms and one main hall.
pottery at Banpo MuseumAdmission Fee: 65.00

Opening Hours: 8:00 am to 5:00 pm

Public Transportation: Take bus No. 11 from the Bell Tower. Take bus No. 105 or No. 11 at the railway station.

Buses to the Bell Tower: No. 29, No. 43, No. 45, No. 203, No. 205, No. 206, No. 215 No. 603, No. 608, No. 611 etc

The official website of Banpo Museum


The downloadable .gif file for the name of the mosque and the bus-stop for the Bell Tower written in Chinese characters and pinyin:

For the Banpo Museum
chinese writings for banpo museum

For the bus stop of the Bell Tower

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