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  the great mosque

Great Mosque

Having the largest scale in Xian, Great Mosque is one of the hottest attractions for tourists today. It is also a main mosque to go to for foreign Islam and state leaders from Arabic countries.

Located at Jue Hua Xiang, northwest to the Drum Tower, Great Mosque was firstly built in Tang Dynasty (618-907). After continuous constructions in the followings dynasties, this Muslim mosque has four rows of buildings with Ming and Qing dynasties architectural characters in an area of 12,000 square meters. Its 4, 000-square-meter main hall can hold 1, 000 people.

Surrounded by several bustling lanes selling snacks, antiques, and scripts and paining, this garden-like mosque looks pure and quiet. If you have longer time in the mosque, you are advised to watch the devout Islam doing exercises in the hall, touching and impressive.

the main hall of the great mosqueAdmission Fee: 12.00

Opening Hours: 8:00 am to 6:00 pm

Public Transportation: There is no bus going directly to the Mosque. People need to go to the bus stop of the Bell Tower, which many buses go to and then walk westwards for less than 5 minutes to Gate beside the Drum Tower. The first lane on the left is the way leads to the Great Mosque.

Buses to the Bell Tower: No. 29, No. 43, No. 45, No. 203, No. 205, No. 206, No. 215 No. 603, No. 608, No. 611 etc


The downloadable .gif file for the name of the mosque and the bus-stop for the Bell Tower written in Chinese characters and pinyin:

For the Great Mosque

For the bus stop of the Bell Tower

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