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Different from many travel agencies, we gaurantee that our guides will not push you to any local stores. No shopping, no tourist traps is our promises.

Hereunder you may choose from our various private Xian tours and join-in tours of different lengths: half day, one day, two days and three days. We also offer private airport transfer services. If nothing fits your plan, we can customize your tour as well. Feel free to contact us! You will receive a reply within 24 hours. If you would like to call us, please dial: +8613119137816.

Private Xian Tours

A Glimpse of Xian - One Day Xi'an Tours

1 Day Xian Highlight Tour - starting from US$49 per person

  • Must-sees. If you have limited time, need to see the most outstanding sites in one day.

1 Day Xian City Tour - starting from US$49 per person

  • For returned visitors who have met the majestic Terracotta Warriors. This tour only involves activities within Xian city.

Xian in Depth - Two-Day Tour in Xian

2-Day Highlights of Xian - starting from US$86 per person

  • Must-sees in Xian in two days, incl. free airport transfers

Private Airport Transfers - We also provide airport picking-up and/or seeing-off services.

Airport Picking-up or Seeing-off starting from US$12 per person



Guide needs your help - If you could help Melody, please contact us.

A guide's daughter Melody is 15 months old. Her right leg and arm are stiff due to some brain injury which she suffered before or during birth. My daughter started to walk when she was one year old. She is still wobbly because her right leg is not as strong as the left one. The right side of her body is not as flexible as the left one because of the injury to the left side of the brain. We have been doing some physical therapy at the best hospital in Xi’an, China for about seven months now. Some progress has been made but still her right leg and arm is a little stiff. Physical therapy is pretty new in china. I suspect the therapists are not sufficiently experienced yet. Melody's therapist is probably the best one in the hospital, so we are lucky to have him treat her. However, it seems that still he is not confident about many topics in his area. As far as I can tell, the USA is quite advanced in the area of physical therapy after brain injury. I have followed the advices given in a few web pages, and bought Melody toys as suggested. But I really would like to have a chance to talk to a western-world therapist and see what else I can do to help Melody improve. For example, what kind of massage I could give here, what kind of toys can help. I am wondering if some physical therapist experienced in working with children with similar problems may be traveling in China and passing by Xi’an. I would like to have a talk with such a person maybe just for one hour and have him or her see Melody. I would sincerely invite you a dinner or guiding you a half day city tour in Xi’an as a show of gratitude. Than you so much for your help.

Join-in Xian Tours


Highlight in Xian - Half Day - coming soon

Walking in Xian - Half Day - coming soon